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Studio's Accolades, Students' Achievements & Activities:

  • Prestigious RCM Gold Medal Awards 2013 (Ontario & Quebec) go to studio's students: Kathleen Miao (Grade 10), Rin Tanaka (Grade 4) and Caralynn Chan (Grade 4).
  • Studio's students capture top prizes in each catagory of the Toronto Harp Society Scholarship Audition 2013: Steven Chuo (First Prize, Grade 10), Sydney Wilson (Second Prize, Grade 8), and Hannah de Almeida (First Prize, Grade 6)
  • RCM Exam (2013) Results: Caralynn Chan (Grade 4, 90% First Class Honours with Distinction), Rin Tanaka (Grade 4 Pedal Harp, 90% First Class Honours with Distinction), Tabi Savic (Grade 6, 89% First Class Honours), Hannah de Almeida (Grade 6, 84% First Class Honours), Sydney Wilson (Grade 8*) and Kathleen Miao (Grade 10, 82% First Class Honours). *Marks to be released.
  • Steven Chuo, assistd his teacher as Second Harp for the Kindreds Spirits Orchestra in performance of Das Lied Van Der Erde by Mahler; March 13.
  • Kathleen Miao was featured as special guest in "Concert to Meet New Musicians 2013" on April 6th.
  • Aimee Harris and Leah Faibisoff appeared as harpists for a Roman Empire scene in Hollywood movie Pompeii. Movie to be in theatre in Feb 2014.
  • Carol Boychuk, Gail Fox, Holly Leung, Shelley Rumney are completing the Music Healing & Transition Program to become Certified Music Practitioners.
  • Renowned harpist Judy Loman gave masterclass to studio's students in June 2012. Performers included Steven Chuo, Rin Tanaka, Tabi Savic and Amelia King.
  • 2012 Summer RCM Exam Results: Rin Tanaka (Grade 2, 88% First Class Honours), Amelia King (Grade 6, 86% First Class Honours), Caralynn Chan (Grade 2, 88% First Class Honours)
  • Harp Sinfonia Junior performed for Harps on the Hill Festival 2012 to great success on April 18th 2012 at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Members included Ayusha Barbhaya, Allison Brealey, Caralynn Chan, Valerie Kuk, Rin Tanaka.
  • Harp Sinfonia Senior performed with Philomusica Symphony Orchestra on Jan 22nd 2011 at Richmond Hill Centre of Performing Arts. Participating members included Allison Brealey, Steven Chuo, Siwan Doyle, Amelia King, Kathleen Miao, Erica Pulling and Sydney Wilson. (Video on Facebook Group)
  • Amelia King won The Bill Weatherstone Memorial Award at the Quinte Rotary Music Festival, the Quinte Symphony Award at the Stirling Festival of Sacred Praise,and received invitation to compete in the Ontario Music Festival where she won First Prize (Grade 7 Lever harp) and cash award in June 2012.
  • Tabi Savic won Silver Strings Competition Trophy (open to all stringed instruments) at Quinte Rotary Music Festival 12, received cash award, and was chosen best performance overall for the Joe Demeza Prize. Received invitation to compete in the Provincial level Ontario Music Festival where she won First Prize (Grade 6 Pedal Harp) and cash award in June 12.
  • Kathleen Miao was featured in in York Mills Collegiate Institute Spring Music Night May 14th 2012, and delighted the audience with her solo performance as well as with their String Orchestra.
  • Steven Chuo (15), Kathy Miao (14) captured First Prizes (Grade 8) and awarded scholarships at Toronto Harp Society Scholarship Audition 2011. Chuo also received "Honourable Mention". Both students are working towards their Grade 10 RCM Exam.
  • Kathleen Miao scored 92% (First Class Honours with Distinction) for her RCM Grade 8 Pedal Harp Exam, was subsequently selected as the recipient of "2011 Gold Medal for Harp in Ontario" and awarded at the Ontario & Quebec Convocation & Gold Medal Ceremony at Koerner Hall in February 2012.
  • Kathleen Miao auditioned successfully to become harpist of Toronto Youth Symphony Orchestra. They performed a successful "side by side" concert with Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall in October 2011.
  • Amelia King was featured as special guest by the Hastings & Prince Edward Regional Chorus in their 2011 Christmas concert.
  • Erica Pulling performed various Christmas carols at Cooke's Portmouth United Church with string quartet and singers last December.
  • Ashley Lennox performed at Suomi-Koti Nursing Home with excellent feedback in February 12.
  • Brooke Michel performed in services at Calvary Baptish Church in Oshawa to great success in February and December 2012
  • Shelley Rumney performs frequently at her church and its choir.
  • Gail Fox performs frequently at Loretta Abbey.
  • Rin Tanaka, 8, paid tribute to her native country with her performance for March 11th Japan Earthquake Relief, a fund-raising event held by Rotary Club (Forest Hill) in June 2011. In duet with her teacher, they performed "Sakura" and were very warmly received.
  • Valerie Kuk, 8 was featured as special guest for Georgia Dance & Arts Cultural Centre Showcase 2011 at City Playhouse,Vaughan in July 2011.
  • Lia Walsh, 12, performed at her school's Christmas concert, Toronto
  • Caralynn Chan, 10, frequently performs for her church in Oshawa
  • Ayusha Barbhaya, 9, performed the harp at school, North York.
  • Neal Miner, 12,invited to perform at historical Bellevue House, and has been busy "busking" around Kingston.
  • Allison Brealey, 9, performed for her class and teachers, Markham.
  • Susan Vinovich, 15, performed for "Ripple Effect" by Bullfrog Power
  • Kathleen Miao, 13, received 87% for Royal Conservatory Exam Grade 6 Pedal Harp (2010 Syllabus).
  • Amelia King, 12, awarded 1st prize (93%), Harp Category, Quinte Rotary Music Festival 2010; subsequently invited to perform for "Concert of the Stars" and selected to participate in Ontario Music Festival in June.
  • Tabi Savic, 11, received 92% in "Class Solo - 14 yrs & Under", and 90% in "Class Solo - 16 yrs & Under" of Quinte Rotary Music Festival 2010.
  • 8 year old Allison Brealey, was featured by TVOntario in a television series called Jay Jay’s Jam on TVOkids to introduce the harp to an audience of her junior from ages 3 to 6. (Video)
  • Susan Vinovich, 14, recorded harp solo soundtrack to web series "Out with Dad" composed by Adrian Ellis. Score was then awarded "Outstanding Use of Music" by We Love Soups.
  • Erica Pulling, 16, performed at her first "gig", a private wedding in May.
  • Lia Walsh, 11, performed for "Coffee House" of Alan Howard Waldorf School in February.
  • Hannah De Almeida 11, performed at Christmas service of Rexdale Alliance Church.

April 6th, 2013: Kathleen Miao featured as special guest in "2013 Concert to Meet New Musicians" in North York where she performed successfully the Bach Etude No.12 (Prelude from Violin Partita No.3) and Haydn's Theme and Variations.

March 30th, 2013: Steven Chuo performed Second Harp to his teacher in performance of orchestral work, Das Lied von Der Erde by Mahler, with Kindred Spirits Orchestra at the Flato Markham Theatre.

June 17th 2012: Studio's annual concert, "They've Got Talent: A Concert of Harpists", was met with greater success each year! Joined by members of the Ontario Cross-Cultural Music Society Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Harp Orchestra charmed the audience and received rounds of applause at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. Members of the Harp Sinfonia Junior also gave a remarkable performance, as well as all the soloists!

February 2012: Andrew has been awarded the "Teacher's Certificate of Recognition" by the Royal Conservatory of Music.

April 23rd 2011: Studio's annual concert, "Music Connects, A Concert of 20 harpists", equipped with the spectacular sound of a 20 harp ensemble, was met with great success at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

May 2011: International Pianist Lu Wang gave masterclass on musicianship and music performance to studio's advanced students.

Sept 24th 2010: Harp Sinfonia toured to Ajax to perform for Ontario Philharmonic's annual gala, sharing stage with Canadian icon Michael Burgess.

Sept 9th 2010: Members of Harp Sinfonia, Hannah de Almeida, Steven Chuo, Kathy Miao and Susan Vinovich, performed for opening ceremony of "Two Lives in Art" Exhibition by award-winning artists Hoi Kwon Choi and Kook Kang Choi. Members performed on a set of unique harps designed and built by Hoi.

August 2nd 2010: Elizabeth Volpé, Principal Harp of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, gave masterclass and workshop to studio's Youth and Adult classes.

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