"Andrew Chan mesmerized us with G.F. Handel’s Concerto for Harp"

- Miami Arts zine


On performances of Concerto for Harp and Orchestra by
Michael Conway Baker:

"Applauded with a standing ovation, Mr. Chan displayed talent which has seen him becoming one of the world's leading harpists."

- Geoff Howe, critic

"What a treat!!  You did an absolutely splendid job. I liked the fact that you took my concerto at a faster tempo and "dug in" a bit in all the right places.  I felt you and the orchestra showed great sensitivity to what the music is all about. Congratulations! My thanks to you and the orchestra for a wonderful performance."
- Michael Conway Baker, Composer

"Wow! Great playing! Beautiful tone, too! Your playing is so musical and I love what you do with the ritardandi and phrasing. You looked completely at ease, and very compelling. The sound is excellent; it's a really lovely performance. Bravo!"
- Elizabeth Volpè
Principal Harp, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Harp Instructor, University of British Columbia



From Conductors:

I have known and worked with Mr. Andrew Chan in his activities as a professional harpist and can attest to his excellent qualities as a musician. I have seen him develop into a consummate artist at an especially fast pace.

Andrew has successfully performed a wide variety of symphonic and operatic repertoire as harpist of the Ontario Philharmonic. He is always thoroughly prepared and shows deep interest in his instrument and in the music he plays.

Andrew is a very talented young harpist who has a strong stage presence and who also shows qualities of leadership. He possesses an affable personality, he is diligent, industrious and very dedicated to all activities he undertakes. In addition, he has proven to be an enthusiastic organizer of musical events and productions.

I am pleased to give him my full recommendation.

- Marco Parisotto, Music Director
Ontario Philharmonic

"My thanks for your great concerto performance on Wednesday. The audience loved you and many remarked to me on your style and musical pressence. You were just what I'd hoped you'd be."

- Kerry Stratton, Music Director
Toronto Concert Orchestra


It was truly a pleasure to have you work with us (at the Brott Music Festival). You are very talented and highly musical. We will look for opportunities to have you with us again.”

- Boris Brott, Artistic Director
New West Symphony, Los Angeles, CA.
National Academy Orchestra of Canada
McGill Chamber Orchestra, Montreal
Brott Musical Festivals

"It was my pleasure having you. Your wonderful solo was a delight for everybody including me."

- Philip Sarabura, Music Director
Brantford Symphony Orchestra


You are a delight, a great talent, and I enjoy working with you. Thank you for your effort, artistry and sense of humour. (From various solos engagements with the Brampton Symphony Orchestra,) people here in Brampton are really starting to take notice of you and are becoming your fan club. We received so many wonderful compliments about your Handel Concerto performance. Bravo; you are a wonderful, capable musician and I’m proud to feature you!”

- Robert Raines
Principal Conductor, Brampton Symphony Orchestra

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