Benefits of the Harp & Lessons

Benefits of Playing the Harp

The therapeutic effects of harp music have been researched and well documented. Studies have demonstrated a beneficial relationship of harp music upon physiological responses such as blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Studies have shown that the heart rate decreases and oxygenation levels increase when harp music is played. Additionally, research has substantiated beneficial effects on perceived levels of pain, anxiety and positive emotions.

Harp music promotes an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and safety.


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Benefits of Music Lessons

The benefits that come from taking music lessons can be invaluable regardless of age. These include: improved cognitive attributes such as organization, problem solving, math, science study skills, communication and memory. The study of music has also been found to encourage a calmer and more focused mind, develop creativity, increase perseverance, confidence and determination, improve dexterity and discipline, in addition to empowering ones self-esteem.

The benefits of private music lessons include one-on-one undivided attention with the chance to discover and develop one’s own learning style, the opportunity for the student to be recognized as a unique individual, and the advantage of personalized lesson plans designed to maximize his or her progress.

Furthermore, the student fosters a lifelong enjoyment of music, an activity one will never outgrow… that’s not a bad investment!

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