Celtic Lever Harp   Grand Concert Pedal Harp  

Made by the famous Celtic harp maker, Dusty Strings Model FH32 features 32 strings, a solid walnut wood construction and a beautiful voice perfectly suited for Celtic, traditional, early, some classical and contemporary music.

Although smaller in size, the Celtic lever harp produces a magical tone and is the most suitable for performances in intimate settings.

The world-renowned harp company Lyon & Healy first introduced the Salzedo model in 1928. This full-size harp is named after legendary harpist Carlos Salzedo, who collaborated with artist Witold Gordon on its breath-taking design. The hard maple construction is displayed in the Art Deco style, characteristic of the 20s. This model has been used in worldclass orchestras for its sound is full, rich and bright. The Grand Concert Harp displays the ultimate versatility and is capable to play most types of music.

Strings: 32
Octaves: 4-1/2
Height: 49.5"
Extreme Width: 15.5"
Weight: 22 lbs


Strings: 47 (full size)
Octaves: 6-3/4
Height: 75 1/4"
Extreme Width: 39 3/4"
Weight: 85 lbs

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